12 days of D.I.Y Day 2: DIY Christmas tree ornament

Today I have a really fun D.I.Y for you guys on how to make this cute Christmas tree ornament. You can make some for your tree or give it as a gift for someone, or whatever. Any ways lets get to it.

What you'll need:
-Green yarn and any other colors you want to put on your tree.
-H or 5.00mm crochet hook
-Tapestry needle

Christmas tree:(Make 2)
Start with your green yarn and ch 13sts. Total 13 sts

1. Sc second st from hook and sc the rest of the sts. Total 12 sts

2. Ch 1 and turn, sc 12 sts. x3. Total 12 sts

3. Ch 1 and turn, sc2tog first 2 sts. sc 8 sts. sc2tog last 2 sts. Total 10 sts

4. Ch 1 and turn, sc 10 sts. Total 10 sts
5. Repeat rows 3-4 x3. Total 4 sts.
6. Ch 1 and turn, sc2tog first 2 sts and last 2 sts. Total 2 sts
7. Ch 1 and turn, sc2tog first st and last st.
8. Break off yarn and pull

To make the ornament
With a different color yarn and tapersy needle, start by making a criss cross st anywhere on the tree. Do this as many times on both of the trees and with colors of your choice.

With your tapesry needle sew the right sides of your tree's and sew them together. One you start getting closer to the end stuff the tree with your stuffing and then sew shut.

Insted of making a star I just made a simple circle and put it on my tree, but you can do whatever to top your tree off. To make the cirle star/angel thing ch 4 and slst to the first st to form a loop, then sc into loop 10 times. Break yarn off and pull. Then sew the onto the top of the tree.

Now hang this wherever you want. Just cut off a long piece of yarn and attach it on the top of the tree and tie the ends together.

Hope you guys liked this. I'll be back with some more Christmas ideas later.


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