Travel Series: How to pack a suitcase

I'm leaving on my road trip to California this weekend so I'm thought why not do a mini travel series since its the summer a lot of you are probably leaving on summer vacations. The first of this summer series is on how to pack your suitcase.

First thing you should do before pulling out clothes out of your closet is find out the current temperature of the location you are going to be visiting. Also if you can, plan ahead or find out what you are going to be doing there, like visiting family, shopping, beach, etc. Once you have an idea of what you're going to be doing then you can start pulling out clothes. Before you start folding and storing your clothing items make sure you have some outfits planned out, this will be much easier on you and you will spend less time worrying on what to wear and more time having fun! You can either lay out you clothes over each other or you can also go to and find picture of your clothing items or at least some similar to them and plan outfits, I did this and it was fun!

Now that you have your clothes out and ready to pack its time start folding your clothes. All suitcases vary so make sure you get one with enough space for all your stuff to fit in, I like one with lots of pockets so I can pack all my clothes in the main area. I usually always pack my bras, undies, and socks in the front pockets, I then pack all my shoes in the large inside pocket and then finally pack my clothes and other stuff in side. When organizing my items inside I place the bottoms in one stack then all the tops in another stack and so on, but as you can see I'm only packing one skirt so I just placed it on top of of my dresses, I sometimes pack according to fabric type and color weird I know but I'm OCD about some stuff, haha.

* TIP: Make sure you have some sleepwear planned out, a jacket in case it gets cold at night, and clothes you will be traveling back in. *

By now your suitcase probably looks something like this, I only packed my clothes for this post but I'll show you guys what else I packed in there in a another post. At this point you can put in other things that you will also be taking with you like slippers, I always need slippers, hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, hair products, face products and makeup, I will also be making a whats in my travel makeup bag.

* TIP: When traveling is always make sure you have enough space in your suitcase so you can go shopping and bring back some goodies! *

Happy Hoildays :)