How to: Crochet a heart

Today I'm going to share with you how to crochet a heart. This heart can be used as a coaster, washcloth (if you use cotton yarn), thoughtful gift or anything else. Enjoy!

(I used worsted weight yarn.)

To create the other side of the heart, stick your crochet hook where the beginning of the other dec starts  and crochet down the side of the square. From there, repeat what you did above.

This makes the heart look less weird.

Now you can either stop here or you can block your work. Blocking helps the heart keep it's shape and makes it lie flat.

I block my work by placing a towel over a pillow and sticking pins on the corners of my crochet piece. Then I simply spray water other my work with a spray bottle. Wait a few minutes and then flip over and repeat on the other side.

 Wait until your piece is dry and: Tada! Your heart is complete!

Now you can use this heart for whatever your heart desires! I keep one of these next to my night side table and keep my phone or sometimes water on it.


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