My Trip to Mexico (Part 1)

So for those who don't know I was gone for two weeks earlier this month visiting my family in Mexico. I stayed in my grandma's house and had a blast! Here are some of my pictures I took via iphone! 

Did my nails before my trip. I used nail stickers that I got in my Birchbox a while ago so that I didn't have ti worry about chipping and stuff.

On the road...

It was very cloudy during my stay in Mexico but that's what I get for going during the rainy season.

Love these tile floors at my grandma's house. Everything in Mexico is so colorful!

By far the best soy meat I have ever tasted!

We found this very cute store in one of the malls I visited and they had this cute little shop where you buy these cute creatures (Like Build-A-Bear but you just buy and not "build"). The store was so adorable I had to take pictures!

These stairs lead up to a slide where kids can slide off and land on the other side of the store. Too bad the slide was closed, if not I would've totally tried it!

A yummy strawberry shortcake in a to-go cup that I found at a Wal-Mart (Why doesn't my Wal-Mart carry these?)

Well that's all for this post stay tune for more pictures (and yummy treats!) in part 2 of my trip to Mexico.


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