My Trip to Mexico (Part 2)

This is part two of my pictures that I took on my trip to Mexico. To see part one click here. This post mainly features some of the yummy food that I saw and/or ate. Enjoy!

Piggy bread! I saw this at a bakery and thought it was amazing! I should have bought it.

I don't really like any of the big coffee chains in Mexico so I always go to Starbucks.

I saw this at the checkout line and thought it was super cute!

BOBA! My first day in Mexico I saw this boba shop and had to go to it. This was my first official time trying boba tea. I got a iced chai tea frappe with boba, to be honest the boba pearls were very soggy and my drink had a lot of ice in it so I could barely drink anything.

One thing I noticed about Mexican mascaras is that most of them have HUGE brushes. But they're really cheap, we're talking about $2 to $5 mascara of course I bought some to try out. Check out my Mexico haul to see what else I bought in Mexico here.

More animal edibles. I think is is suppose to be a hippo.

Yummy gelato!

Sprinkle cookies!

(Top: Yorkie, Button: Pekingese)
On one of my last days we went to a mall and saw these adorable puppies at the pet store. They were so cute!

More gelato. The top left one is cookies & cream that had white chocolate chips! It was AMAZING!

On my last day we saw Ice Age 4 in 4DX. Yes, that's right 4D! Currently there is only 4D theaters in South Korea, Mexico, and Thailand but they should be opening some here in the States soon. So how was it? Pretty amazing! It felt like you were flying! However my butt was pretty numb afterwards. 

Well that is all! Sorry I didn't take too many "tourist" pictures it's just that I don't like taking scenery shots that much. 


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