How to: Crochet A Knot Headband

Hey guys so today I am finally doing another DIY post! Since it's getting a lot more coolr I am going to show you guys how to crochet a cute knotted headband so that you can wear from fall to winter. This is a easy and basic pattern so even new crocheters can make this.

For yarn I used Knit Pick's brava worsted yarn in the color rouge.

First you are going to want to measure the diameter of your head, I just measured how I wanted my headband to fit. My head measured 21 inches so I started off with 62 chains. 

Ch 62 sts.
Sk the first 2 chs and work a sc into each st until you reach the end of the row.
Ch 1, turn, and crochet the entire row (repeat however many rows you want your headband to have, I crochet 6 rows total).

Now after you have reached the end of however many rows you want ch 1 but don't turn instead stick your hook into the side of your work and sc that row.

Ch 1, turn and continue sc 10 more rows (Depending on how thick you made your rows before you may want to make these rows a bit longer). 

 After you reach the end of your side rows it is time to go back to your original work. Join these two rows together by working a sc all the way to the other side like you did earlier.

Repeat the above steps to make another ten sc rows on the side (Use the pictures to guide you). Cut off leave a long tail for sewing.

This is how your headband should look like. 

Now time for the knot. Get your two sc rows that you made on the side ready. 

Cross the rows by making a X. 

The piece facing you should go over and under the other piece like this. 

 Next join the end parts together and sew the sides together.

Tada! This is how your headband should like like when you are finished! You can make your headband whatever color and size you want. If you want a thicker headband I suggest you use a thick yarn. If you want your knot to look more bulky try making your headband thicker. 

Let me know if you try this pattern! Also if there is any problems please let me know and I will try to help you.


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