How to: Crochet Kitty Ears

Since Halloween is among us now I thought I would make some Halloween themed DIY's. This first DIY is a simple crochet pattern on how to make some cute kitten ears. If your not thinking about dressing up you can at least wear these adorable kitty cat ears on Halloween to look festive. This pattern is easy and perfect for beginners. Now let's get started!

You will need:
- Yarn of your choice (I used white worsted yarn)
- Crochet hook size G
- Hair clips 
- Felt to match the color of the yarn
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun 

1. Ch 6 sts. Sl st to first chain to form ring. Total sts = 6 sts.
2. Sc 2 into each st. Total sts = 12 sts.
3. Sc 12 sts. Total sts = 12 sts.
4. Sc 1, sc 2 into each st. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 18 sts.
5. Sc 18 sts. Total sts = 18 sts.
6. Sc 1, make one dec. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 12 sts.
7. Sc 1, make two dec. (Repeat until finish with round). Total sts = 8 sts.
8. Sc 1, make one dec. Repeat until finish. 
9. Sl st last st. Cut, pull, and done! 

For the clip part measure and cut a felt piece the size of your hair clip. Make two.

Using your hot glue gun carefully glue the clip to the felt pieces. 

Tada! Now go out and rock your kitty ears! 

If you have any problems with this pattern feel free to leave me a message and I will do my best to help you. Also, if any of you try this pattern send me pictures! I would love to see your version!

Happy Halloween

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