Review: Holika Holika Pig-Nose Perfect Sticker

Oink Oink! I'm back today with another review this time I will be reviewing the Pig-nose Black Head Perfect Stickers by Holika Holika. One of the problems I have with my skin are my pores! I have major pores on my nose and cheeks so I'm always looking for products that can help reduce blackheads, whiteheads, and pores. 

I discovered the "Pig nose" line from Holika Holika and had to get the pig-nose stickers because they're insanely cute! When I was reading reviews online all most everyone seemed to be offended about the whole pig nose concept for some reason which seems odd to me because I think it's a great way to market this line especially the pore strips (because you really do look like you have a pig nose when wearing the strips).

Close up
A box comes with 10 packets
Packet front and back
What it claims to do: "Pig nose clear blackhead perfect sticker is a disposable pink colored nose strip that removes whiteheads, blackheads, and dead skin cells. The pink clay ingredients helps absorbs sebum and eliminates blackheads. This strip will remove all unwanted impurities from your nose at once, leaving it smooth and clear."

- Cute packaging
- Affordable price

- Didn't remove whiteheads
- Didn't remove too many blackheads
- Notice no difference
- The strip doesn't adhere too well

My experience: I didn't have high expectations for these nose strips pretty much everyone said that they didn't notice anything changes either but I still bought them just to try out (and of the cute packaging. The first day I used one of these pig-nose stickers I notice that the pore strip took off only a few blackheads (5-6) but I didn't notice any other changes aside from that. The next time I used a pore sticker I didn't see anything on the strip! 

Would I recommend this to someone? No. Overall these nose pore strips suck. I wouldn't recommend these at all but the packaging is really cute (and the main reason why I bought these in the first place).

You can buy the Holika Holika pig-nose perfect stickers here.

Have you tried pore strips before? Which brand is your favorite?



  1. This one looks useful but too bad it is not very efficient!

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