The Adventures in Macaron Tasting

 I have a special blog post for you guys today but first I want to say Happy Birthday to my older sister and this post is in honor of you! Today's post is on macarons! My older sister started baking macarons recently and now she makes a batch almost every week! I haven't made any myself nor have seen my sister prepare them but I've tasted one from almost every batch so far and have tasted them, so yeah.

This was the first macaron I tasted (ever!) and I really enjoyed it! A lot of people either love or hate macarons but this first batch of macarons made me a macaron lover! The inside was very yummy! I'm not sure what the inside was made out of (maybe, raspberry or strawberry) but it is so far the only macaron she made that has a pink filling in it.

My older sister just made these special Pikachu macarons yesterday for her birthday. These are by far the cutest macarons she's made! The inside contains Nutella which makes these even yummier! She made the faces by using red icing jelly and melting chocolates.

Have you ever had a macaron? Have you ever made any?


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  1. Stephanie -Michelle's sisterMay 19, 2013 at 3:59 AM

    What do you mean you've tasted one from every batch? That raspberry macaron was forbiiddddeeeeennnnnn!!!!!!