Manicure Monday: Dripping Paint

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm introducing a new weekly series that I will be staring. Manicure Monday! You probably heard of this via Instagram or Twitter, right? Well, that's how I got the idea for this series! Every week I will be sharing what I'm currently wearing on my nails whether it's a fun artsy design or a new beautiful nail polish color. So now you can look forward to some more nail polish related posts!

For my first Mani Monday post I am sharing the nails I did myself for my birthday yesterday. Enjoy!
I wanted a simple yet cute and colorful look that would go great for my birthday so I did this dripping design. I was going for a ice cream dripping look but it looks way more like paint dripping. Either way I love this look!

Right hand
Left Hand
Are you excited for Mani Mondays?


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