Review: Le Bunny Bleu Shoes

Lately I've been obsessed with shoes! I have never been a shoe gal before but somehow I can't stop shopping for shoes (I need a new shoe self). My recent shoe purchase are these adorable Mint Bunny Motive Ballet Flats by Le Bunny Bleu. I first saw these a few months ago on a blog but hesitated at the moment to get them. Fast forwarded to last week Le Bunny Bleu had a discount code flying around and I jumped on the opportunity and finally bought them! They also have two other color in case mint isn't your thing. 

The shoes are amazing! They're made out of a synthetic leather material which is great because I would never wear real leather. I picked out a size 7 because that's my normal size and they fit a bit snug but I guess you have to break them in a little first. Aside from that the shoes are perfect. Take a look down below for more picture of the cute bunny shoes!

They even include a cute dust bag for your shoes, how cute!
I'm super happy about my purchase and will be buying more from Le Bunny Bleu soon (I already have my eyes on these puppies). Also, I just found out that Le Bunny Bleu is very popular in South Korea! Their shoes have been worn by many kpop idols and even featured in a few k-dramas (which you know I LOVE)!

Have you heard of Le Bunny Bleu? Do you own a pair?



"Natsume San" Book Review!

I haven't done a book review in a long time and just the other day I got Mito Natume's first book in the mail so it was decided then. If you are not familiar with Mito Natsume she is a Harajuku model that appears in many Harajuku Japanese magazines and also appears in Harajuku Kawaii TV quite frequently. Her book covers her favorite fashion items, makeup and hair tips, mini tutorials, exclusive photos, lifestyle stories, and more! I included some of my favorite pages down below. Enjoy!

Book without cover
I was nervous about buying this book at first because I didn't know anything about it and there wasn't that much stuff about it online but I'm so happy I got it! I don't know how to read Japanese (not even a little) but the pictures are cute and inspiring. If you are looking for a cute book to skim through for inspiration and are into Harajuku fashion I would highly recommend this book!

If you are interested in buying this book I asked this seller on ebay to get me the book. They are happy to get you anything from Japan! The book arrived within 2 weeks.



Mini Ebay Haul

Hey dolls! First off I got a new laptop! After weeks with no personal computer I'm so happy to have one again. This of course means my daily blogging will resume again, yay! If you have any request for future blog posts feel free to leave a comment below. I actually made a list of blog posts I wanted to do while I was laptopless so you guys can look forward to those coming soon!

Anyways, on to the real reason behind this post. I have a mini eBay haul to share if you all. As you guys know I'm sort of addicted to eBay (I buy like 60% of my things from there) so I decided to show you guys some cute things I recently got. Enjoy!

I picked up the recent issue from Zipper (my favorite Japanese magazine) and with it came this Hello Kitty x Candy Stripper makeup bag and coin purse. So cute!

 When I order the Zipper magazine I ask the seller if they would find me the Baby Skin pore eraser primer and they did! I am super happy about this because you can't find it in the states yet. I will do a review on this really soon!

I also decided to add some cuteness to my phone so I bought a My Melody case and some button stickers. My phone has never looked so kawaii!

P.S. Sorry if the pictures look kinda if weird. I am still trying to get use to my computers editing software.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!