Review: Le Bunny Bleu Shoes

Lately I've been obsessed with shoes! I have never been a shoe gal before but somehow I can't stop shopping for shoes (I need a new shoe self). My recent shoe purchase are these adorable Mint Bunny Motive Ballet Flats by Le Bunny Bleu. I first saw these a few months ago on a blog but hesitated at the moment to get them. Fast forwarded to last week Le Bunny Bleu had a discount code flying around and I jumped on the opportunity and finally bought them! They also have two other color in case mint isn't your thing. 

The shoes are amazing! They're made out of a synthetic leather material which is great because I would never wear real leather. I picked out a size 7 because that's my normal size and they fit a bit snug but I guess you have to break them in a little first. Aside from that the shoes are perfect. Take a look down below for more picture of the cute bunny shoes!

They even include a cute dust bag for your shoes, how cute!
I'm super happy about my purchase and will be buying more from Le Bunny Bleu soon (I already have my eyes on these puppies). Also, I just found out that Le Bunny Bleu is very popular in South Korea! Their shoes have been worn by many kpop idols and even featured in a few k-dramas (which you know I LOVE)!

Have you heard of Le Bunny Bleu? Do you own a pair?


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