Review: Not Your Mother's Thermal Shield Spray

I needed a new heat protectant spray so the other day at Target I saw this one by Not Your Mother's and since I own a few products from the brand I decided to pick the Beat The Heat Thermal Shield Spray. I usually use the heat tamer spray by Tresemme but since I wanted to try something different I decided to go with the NYM one. Want to see if I liked it or not? Keep reading to find out...

What does it do?
"Beat The Heat protects your hair from scorching heat every time you pick up your flat or curling iron. It guards hair against moisture loss and provides light hold for a quick finish. Infused with sunflower and vitamins A and E, this salon formula will keep you cool...well, at least your hair."

- Protects hair from the heat of curling irons or straighteners.

- Smells gross! This stuff smells like straight up alcohol it's disgusting! Each time I use it I have to wait at leach 30 minutes or more for the smell to go away.
- Cost more then the Tresemme's heat tamer spray

My experience:
The first time I used this I actually thought the scent wasn't that bad but the second time after that I couldn't handle the smell. In fact, each time I use this I have to hold in my nose because it smells so gross!

Would I recommend this product?
No! The spray smells like beer so no I would not recommend it at all! 

You can purchase the Not Your Mother's Beat The Heat Thermal Shield Spray here.

Have you tried this product before? Did you like it?


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