DIY: Witch and Cat Scarecrows

Today I have a insanely cute Halloween decor idea that would look adorable around your home or at a Halloween themed party! All you need is some left over craft supplies (if your a crafter like me you probably all ready have most of this stuff) and a creative mind!

- Fabric glue
- Scissors
- Skewers
- Left over fabric
- Yarn
- Stuffing
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- Felt

You don't have to use the exact same stuff you can use whatever you already have laying around your house.

Step 1: Using a glue gun glue the two skewers across from each over to form a "T". Leave to cool before moving on to next step.

Step 2: Glue the stuffing on to the top part of the skewers to form the head. I actually had a leftover crocheted ball laying around in my craft drawer so I decide to use that instead to make the head appear more rounded. If you know how to crochet just crochet a small ball and stick it on instead of the stuffing. 

Step 3: Layer a square of fabric over the head and tie some yarn around the neck to secure the fabric.

Step 4: Using some black felt cut out some eyes to give your scarecrow some personality.

Step 5: Glue on some yarn for the hair.

Step 6: To finish off the witch scarecrow I made a tiny witch hat using some black felt then glued it on top of the head.

To make a cat scarecrow repeat all the step but use black fabric instead and decorate the head like a cat. I made the ears by cutting out black felt and gluing them on top of the head.  

If any of you try this DIY let me know by taging me (@mooeyandfriends) on instagram. I would love to see what you guys come up with!

!Happy Halloween!

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