Review: Missha Creamy Latte Green Tea Cleanser

One thing that I think everyone should know about me is that I love just about anything green tea related! So when I heard that Missha had a green tea latter cleanser I knew I needed to try it! Missha actually has three latte cleansers to choose from a green tea (oily skin), strawberry (normal), and chocolate (dry skin).

What it claims to do?
"Bring freshness and nutritions to rough skin. Thick foam like a cup of refreshing green tea covers your skin gently and keeps it moist."

- Clears skin
- Controls oil
- Smells amazing
- Comes with a lot of product
- Under $10
- Great for daily use

- Doesn't foam too much
- Hard to find

My thoughts:
The day I got this I notice that the tube was packed with product, which is great if your looking for a long term daily face wash. The cleanser itself is a metallic light green that smells like green tea. When in use the cleanser doesn't foam as much as I would like but it still did a great job at cleaning and clearing my face. I'm actually thinking of trying the strawberry one next!

Would I recommend this to someone? If you have oily skin or normal, yes!

You can buy the Missha Creamy Latte Green Tea Cleanser here

What is your favorite daily cleanser?


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  1. I was seriously wanting to try this product after seeing it on one of the websites but just like you said it's hard to get in the states *sigh*! Great review! :)