12 Days Of DIY: Custom Beanies

So I'm finally back with another 12 days of DIY! Sorry that I've been falling behind with my Christmas DIY posts but I promise that all the posts will be up before Christmas. Anyways, today I have a cute customize beanie idea that you can make for a friend for Christmas. Enjoy!

You will need:
- A plain beanie (I got mine from Forever 21 for $3)
- Felt
- Scissors
- Fabric glue

First think of a design you want your beanie to have. I decided to cut out pink letters that say CUTE and some hearts. I then used fabric glue to attach the felt on to the beanie. Let the beanie dry over night and then you can wear it out the next day!

To take it to the next level I decided to make this beanie double sided! So I cut out a cute face with some leftover felt and glue it onto the other side of the beanie. So you can have both of the designs on each side of the beanie.

When I was making my beanie my younger sister walked in and loved my beanie so much that she wanted me to do something to one of her beanies so I cut out the letters BAD and glued them on to her beanie.

Happy holidays!

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