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LSP "Lump" of Coal Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

Today's DIY project is one of my personal favorites I've made thus far! I came up with this idea a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to show you guys until now. I think the whole lump of coal thing needed a makeover so I thought that I would keep the lump idea and make a cute Lumpy Space Princess coal plush since LSP is already in the shape of coal. I think this is a cute stocking stuffer to put in someone's stocking who is a fan of Adventure Time! Enjoy!

What you need
- Size G (4.25 mm) crochet hook
- Purple worsted weight yarn
- Black, yellow, and white felt
- Scissors
- Stuffing
- Glue

LSP Coal
- Ch 6, sl st to 1st st to form loop = 6 sts
- Sc 2 sts in each st, sl st to 1st st = 12 sts
- Sc 12 sts (x2) = 12 sts
- Sc 3 sts, sc 2 into each of the next 3 sts (x2) = 18 sts
- Sc 5 sts, sc 2 into of the next 4 sts (x2) = 26 sts
- Sc 26 sts (x4) = 26 sts
- Sc 8 sts, sc 2 into each of the next 5 sts (x2) = 36 sts
- Sc 36 sts (x2) = 36 sts
- Dec 2 sts, sc 2 sts (x5) = 26 sts
- Sc 26 sts (x2) = 26 sts
*start stuffing body*
- Dec 2 sts, sc 2 sts, [dec 2, sc 1 (x2)], dec 2 sts, sc 2 sts = 18 sts
- Sc 18 sts = 18 sts
- Dec 2 sts, sc 1 (x3) = 12 sts
- Sc 12 sts (x2) = 12 sts
- Dec 2 sts, sc 1 (x2) = 8 sts
- Dec 2 sts (x4) = 4 sts
Cut off, sew close, and weave in ends

With the yellow felt cut out a star shape and glue it on LSP's forehead. With black and white felt cut out LSP's eyes and mouth (you can choose whatever facial expressions you want her to have) and glue it on her face.

Done! Now you can stuff her in someone's stocking and place a cute note like "I thought you deserved this lump of coal" or something cute like that.

If you decided to try out this pattern let me know how it comes out! Also, tomorrow is the last post of the 12 days of DIY then after that is Christmas Eve and Christmas, I'm so excited!

Happy Holidays!


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