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Pocky Chocolate Bars ♥ 12 Days of DIY

 I have yet another edible creation for you guys to make today and this is an idea that came to me a few months ago so I'm really happy to finally get to share this gift idea with you guys! It's a Pocky (also called Peppero) bar! For those who don't know what Pocky is their chocolate-covered biscuit sticks that are sold in Asia but they've become very popular here in the states.

Anyways, I decided to make Pocky bars because in South Korea they have this holiday called Peppero Day (it's on 11/11) where they give Pocky to anyone who you care about (it's pretty much like Valentine's Day but you only give out Pocky), You can either buy Pocky in boxes or you can get crafty and make your own Pocky, which is what I'm going to show you guys how to make today!

 You will need
- Pretzel sticks
- White and/or milk chocolate chips
- Food coloring (optional)
- Sprinkles
- Wax paper

Melt the chocolate and gather a few pretzel sticks and dunk them into the chocolate, this is one method you can use to create the Pocky chocolate bar. The second method is to cover one pretzel stick with chocolate and repeat then stick the pretzels together and place them on some wax paper. Either way works but I prefer the second method. The last part is my favorite...DECORATING! You can sprinkle on colorful sprinkles onto your Pocky bars, write cute Christmas sayings, or whatever you want. GET CREATIVE! Then leave the chocolate bars to dry overnight.

 You can also just make individual Pocky sticks and place them all in a cute container and hide them in someone's Christmas stockings.

Happy Holidays!


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