What I Did On Christmas

Hello! I took the past few days off of blogging because the 12 days of DIY series took a lot out of me but I am back to my regular blogging schedule! I took a few photos of what I did on Christmas so I thought I would share them with you guys. Enjoy!

 Me and my younger sister decorated sugar cookies on Christmas Eve for our family Christmas party. My favorite were the Santa and reindeer ones, the little kids like them too!

 On Christmas we open our presents in the morning and I got a Clarisonic Mia 2!!! I've been asking for a Clarisonic for like 2 years and I finally got one! I'm so excited! I will post a full "what I got for Christmas" blog post tomorrow.

 I got my sisters these Japanese popin' cookin' things. I've always wanted to make these so I was pretty excited too!

My older sister made us ice cream cones! They actually tasted really yummy and looked so cute!

 I got my younger sister the fast food one. This one was really strange in a cool way, the powders smelled just like the food! But we were too scared to eat the burgers so we threw them away. It was way more fun to make the food then to actually eat them! Hahaha

Later, we played Adventure Time Monopoly, which I totally won by the way! DON'T MESS WITH ME IN MONOPOLY I'LL CRUSH YOU!

What did you do on Christmas?

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