My First Alpacasso (Rosy61987 Review)

Today I have a really cute and fun post for you. It's on my first alpacasso/arpakasso! I've always wanted to adopt an alpacasso but they are kind of expensive for a plushie but I finally sucked it up and bought myself this one from Rosy's Garden on Storenvy. Rosy's Garden is highly recommend by a lot of alpacasso owner's because her alpacasso's are authentic and affordable, so I went ahead and purchased my alpacasso from her.

This is the first thing I saw when I opened the box, a cute pink bunny bag! My alpacasso came tucked inside this adorable bag. 

Here's more pictures of the bag, it's so cute I had to take pictures!

Here she is! I got the Alpaca Kids Caffe Cafe Maid, I got the white maid and she is 36cm tall. She is so soft, big, and cute! She is bigger then I thought she would be (bigger then my Pinkie Pie from Build-A-Bear).

She also comes with a removable pink stripe maid's apron.

It comes with a tag so that you know it's an authentic alpacasso. They're are so many fake alpacasso's online so I'm really glad to see that I got a real one.

Rosy also sent this goodie bag full of extras!

Inside the bag was a towel and three really cute scrunchies!

Overall I'm really satisfied with my purchase. The alpacasso with shipping cost $48 which I think is totally worth it because she is a real alpacasso and is really big and also came with extra goodies! It took three weeks for the package to come in the mail, Rosy ships from Hong Kong. The box came beat up (but that was probably the postman's fault) but everything was safe inside. If you want your own alpacasso check out Rosy's storenvy and adopt an alpacasso!



What's In My Makeup Bag

Ever wondered what I carried in my makeup bag? Well you're in luck! Because today's post is on what I carry in my makeup bag when I'm out and about. Enjoy!

First off, I have these sample size BB and CC creams that I got in my Birchbox from a while ago. I like to have miniature size products in my makeup bag in case I forget to do my makeup and want to do later.

Of course I need a cute compact so I keep my Archie's Girls compact stashed inside. I also have a travel friendly mascara and a few concealers.

Here are some more sample size products, a highlighter and blush that I double up as a eye shadow sometimes. I always carry a set of blotting sheets with me just in case.

I always hoard loads of different lip products in my bag. These are the ones that I've been using the most. The macaron lip balm is from It's Skin and smells like strawberries!

Lastly I keep a mini set of brushes in my makeup bag. These come in handy when I want to touch up on powder or something.

What do you keep in your bag?



Review: Etude House Eye's Cream in Mint Cooling

Today I will be reviewing the Etude House Eye's Cream. A lot of Korean cosmetic companies have a product similar to this (Tony Moly just released a whole new line with 2 of these). The reason I wanted to try this was because you can apparently put this in your refrigerator to give a cooling effect under your eye's which I think is really cool! You can carry this with you everywhere when you need a pick me up!

How to use:
"Twist to dispense. Apply to lower eye-lids by using stick to gently massage around the eyes. Use fingers to gently pat cream into skin."

- Cooling
- Soothing
- Cute packaging
- Great for puffy tired eyes
- Has SPF 30++ UV protection
- Affordable

- Not that hydrating

My experience:
I've been using this almost every night since I've gotten it and haven't really notice any significant changes around my eyes. However when I keep this in the refrigerator at night and use it in the morning it really refreshes and wakes my eyes. The only bad thing about this eye cream is that it doesn't hydrate my eyes.

Would I recommend this to someone?
I think it's an alright product but not the best eye cream out there but you get what you pay for. If you travel a lot and need a refreshing pick me up I would recommend this.

You can purchase the Etude House Eye's Cream in Mint Cooling here.

What's your favorite eye cream?



Game Review ♥ Bravely Default

So I haven't made a "game of the month" blog post in FOREVER but I knew that the next time I would make one it would be on this game, Bravely Default. Bravely Default is a RPG by Square Enix it released just last month here in the US but it came out everywhere else months ago! So I'm pretty late to the party with this game but I thought I would still talk about it and give you my review on it in case you are interested in getting this game.

This is the game booklet that comes inside of the game case. I believe the earlier releases got this as their game cover. I think this game cover is pretty but I think the one I have better suits the game's story.

Overall the game is pretty good but really long (which I guess is a good thing). I've had this game for a month and I just finished chapter 2 and I think there is like 8 chapters?! I think the story is pretty well written but some parts are just so depressing and sad. The fight style of this game pretty similar to any other RPG or Final Fantasy game. Bravely Default actually really reminds meof Final Fantasy 3 for the Nintendo DS as it also has four characters, they both have something to do with crystals, and you can also choose jobs in there too.

Some of my complains are that they could have picked better voice actors, some of the voices seriously get on my nerves! Another thing that got under my skin was when the male characters said stuff like "why are women such..." or "you women are so..." or something along those lines that belittles women. I mean maybe that's my inner feminist coming out but I swear if I have to mention this you know there something wrong.

Overall I would rate Bravely Default an 8 of 10. I haven't finish it yet but I really enjoy the game so far.

You can buy Bravely Default here

Have you played Bravely Default? Do you like it?