Culumi Nakada "Nowhere" Book Preview

Culumi Nakada is a harajuku model who also models for Zipper magazine and other ones. What I love most about Culumi is that she seems so down to earth and nice (look up some videos of her on Youtube). Her style is mixture of punk, vintage, rock and roll, tom boy, and girly however she has made that her signature style. In her first book "Nowhere" she shows you some of her favorite clothing items, outfits, how to do her hair and makeup, and a glimpse into her personal life.

Down below I posted a few pages in case you were interested to see what the book is like. I would recommend it if you are into Japanese street fashion.

You can buy Culumi Nakada's "Nowhere" here!

This is my favorite picture in the book.
Ayumi Seto is also in the book! She looks so cute with pink hair!
Are you a Culumi Nakada fan?


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