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a twenty-something kawaii lifestyle blogger, and creator of Mooeyandfriends, based in the United States. On my blog, I share rambles of my daily life, advice, DIY, crochet patterns, stationery-related posts.

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Pre-Vacation Haul

By the time you read this, I will be enjoying my vacation in Florida but before I left I bought a few things for my trip from the mall and Target. Just some necessities I needed for traveling I will also be posting a haul once I come back. This is the first of many summer-themed blog posts that I …

Tomodachi Life ♥ Game Review

I remember seeing an advertisement for Tomodachi Life on some Japanese website once and thought the game looked cute but thought it would never make it overseas. So when I started seeing promotions for this game here in the states I was presently surprised! Tomodachi Life is a simulation game that…

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