Vacation Photos

So it's been about five days since I came back from Florida and wanted to share some of my photos from my trip I took while on vacation. We spent a few days in Tampa and then we visited Orlando and went to Disney World. I didn't take that many photos but I really wished that I did. Just enjoy the ones that I did take.

These first two pictures are from when I was in Tampa, Florida. We stayed in this hotel with a gorgeous view of the ocean. It was so beautiful!

My breakfast, vanilla macaroon granola (from Nature's Box) with almond milk and some coffee.

When I went to Urban Outfitters I was surprised to see that they had some Tony Moly products! We don't have a Urban Outfitters where I live so I took advantage and bought a little something something.

We also came across a tiny macaron shop and bought a box. They even had flavors like lavender and rose, I had the rose one!

After Tampa we went to Orlando and went to downtown Disney where they had these adorable caramel apples! We were going to buy one but we didn't go back to that shop :(

While in downtown Disney we had a banana split from the Ghirardelli shop. Someone couldn't wait for me to take the photo first (you know who you are).

Of course we went to Disney World while in Orlando. I wish I had taken more pictures but I only took these showing off my Marie kitty ears and sunglasses. We went to Magic Kingdom in case you were wondering.


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