My Top 5 ♥ More Skincare Tips

It's time for another round of my skincare tips! If you saw my last skincare tips post then you guys know that I am a huge skincare junkie and love to research about this kind of stuff so I decided to post 5 more skincare tips in today's post. I hope you enjoy and learn something new! 

1. Invest more in skincare then makeup
There is a reason why most skincare products cost more then other beauty products because they are basically "the fountain of youth". Skincare products can help heal, prevent, diminish, rejuvenate, replenishes, etc your face and make you look younger. So next you find your self debating between a $30 mascara or a $60 night cream think about which one will last longer in the long run.

2. Prevent first, worry later
I sometimes use anti-acne products not because I have acne (cause I don't) but because I want to prevent the appearance of acne from appearing. I've never had acne but it does run in my family (both my sisters have/had acne) so there could be a chance that I get it in the future so I'm preventing my skin by using acne prone products. The same goes for anti-aging, start using anti-wrinkle products before you actually get them to see better results.

3. Never sleep with your makeup
So you arrive home from a very eventful day and you are completely exhausted but you scurry to your bed to find you still have your makeup on. What to do? Take the 2-4 minutes to wash your face or take a simple makeup wipe and remove SOME of your makeup? Wash your face! If you sleep with makeup on it not only breaks you out but also ages your skin and nobody wants that.

4. Try to use natural products
Just like how you eat try to use natural skincare products with ingredients that come from the earth. Most skincare products could contain harmful chemicals and can make your skin even worse then before. So if you can try to use natural products that doesn't test on animals,

5. Know how to layer your skincare
After you cleanse and toner, what comes next? Depending on what your skincare routine is like your skin regime may very but follow these rules:
- Cleanse
- Toner
- Any medicinal treats such as, acne or scaring creams (non-moisturizers)
- Moisturizer
- Sunscreen or any SPF products

After that follow the weight rule and apply on the lighter product (serum, essence, emulsion, etc). End with the heaviest cream last so that it can fully skin into your skin at night.


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