Goodbye October ♥ Hello November

October sure was an overwhelming month for me. In the begging of the month, we had a community garage sale and I decided to "cleanse" myself from all of my past belongings to make room for the future. I also have a few pictures to share from Halloween yesterday. It was a very gloomy day with rain and win. I felt really bad for all of the children. We didn't have that many come to our house due to the weather. Speaking of  weather, it's only November and there is a winter storm watch going on here in Atlanta! Can you believe it? 

Thanks again for joining me for Blogtober this year! If you missed any posts, you can always go back and read through my past posts. Now I am going to take a long rest. I forgot how much blogging everyday wears you out! And don't worry, I will still be blogging in November but just not as much. I'll be taking a few resting days,crocheting some new items for my shop and planning my 12 Days of DIY posts (coming in December!) so you guys can look forward to that coming soon.

All of these photos are from the yard sale. We sold a lot of costumes that my sisters and I grew out of. (I will miss my Mulan costume!) Yes, that post-it sign is suppose to be a joke. I would never dare sell Lucy! Speaking of Lucy how lovely is her derp face?

I'm not a huge fan of chocolate but I'm down for anything healthy-related. These dark cocoa nom noms from Nature Box are AMAZING! They taste like chocolate fudge globs with bits of oatmeal. However, I can only eat a few at a time without being stunned by all of the chocolate! If you are a chocoholic then you will adore these!

Aren't these the cutest slippers ever? They're from H&M and super comfy but they're already worn out. The quality isn't the best.

I finally got my first (and last) Sheinside. You can check out my review on them here. I literally waited a month to receive my shirts!

 We went to this new burger place where they sell these amazing healthy organic burgers! Probably one of the best veggie burgers I've ever had!

Lucy trying to eat ice cream. We actually bought her Frosty Paws ice cream for pups and she worships it! We can't take the ice cream away without her going mental!

 Lucy's second costume. Hot dog!

I think this hilarious: Whenever Lucy passes something with a reflection she has to stop and stare. She doesn't know that it's actually her!

Lucy patiently waiting to go on her daily walk...

Okay, enough pictures of Lucy. (Yes, I am a crazy dog lady...) On to gaming! This month I bought two games: Super Smash Bros and Pokemon Art Academy. Is it me or has this been a really good year for games? And it's not even over! The new Pokemon ruby and sapphire come out this month!

I didn't have time to post this blog post during blogtober so I'm rescheduling it to November instead. I think you guys will love this post but until then I will just tease you guys! hehe

Lucy monitoring my blog posts. She always reviews each one of my blog posts before I make them live.

Another blogtober throwback. I loved decorating these sugar skull pinata cookies! (By the way, Feliz Dia De Los Muertos)

My favorite blogtober post was when I made my Animal Crossing villager costume. I enjoyed putting all the pieces of this costume together. Even though the flower did give me trouble, it was still fun! However, I didn't get to wear it  and be cute on Halloween night. Thanks again, Mother Nature...

Some people give out candy. We give out Takis, aka hot spicy Mexican Cheetos...

Last night, Isabelle dropped by my house to tell me that Jack was coming and that all my pink roses are dead... 

How did the month of October treat you guys?


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