Etude House I Need You Sheet Masks ♥ Beauty Review

As you guys know I am a huge skincare junkie and one of my favorite type of products to collect are sheet masks. Koreans often use sheet masks to get their amazing flawless looking skin so I decide to try the Korean brand Etude House sheet mask to see if they give my skin flawless results! My current favorite sheet masks are the My Beauty Diary ones but I wanted to try something different and these Etude House masks were too cute to pass up! Today I will be reviewing four of the Etude House "I Need You" sheet masks that I got in my Etude House haul a while back.

Mask Fit
- Eye holes too small
- Too much material on the chin
- Mask didn't fully cover my cheeks

Pearl Bright Complexion Mask
- Nice floral scent
- Stayed on well
- Makes my skin smooth
- Clearing
- Not that brightening (compared to the other masks)
- Results didn't last long

Royal Jelly Smooth Hydrating Mask
- Has a strong alcohol smell
- Brightening
- Whitening
- Hydrating
- The serum fully adsorbed into my skin

Collagen Skin Firming Mask
- No fragrance
-Brightens complexion
- Moisturizing
- Whitening
- Mask dries fast

Vita Complex Radiating Skin Mask
- Smells nice
- Brightening
- Slighting dry
- Needs more serum

Overall the mask were great at brightening, whitening and moisturizing my face. Some smelled better then others. Two of the masks were dryer then the other two and they didn't have that much serum to pat in afterwards. My favorite mask was the Royal Jelly, I would put up with the smell to get the results I got.

You can purchase the Etude House sheet masks here.

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