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6 Tips for Cute Daily Planning

I've been into planners and organizers my whole life! I've owned a planner almost year ever since High School. Even though I could probably use my phone now to keep everything planned out I just love the feeling of having a physical book laid out in front of me. Since I've owned a planner for a long period of time I thought I would share some tips on how to make the most out of your planning book.

1. Keep It Colorful
I don't know about you guys but I love bright fun colors! So I try to use as many colors in my planner as possible. I write in colorful pens, draw cute doodles and even place cute rainbow-colored stickers all over!

2. Color Code
Similar to the first tip, I plan out my events based on each color. For example, pink-beauty blue-fitness orange-lifestyle (btw this is my blogging planner). If there is an important date or something I need to remember I highlight it.

3. Plan Out During The Weekend
I think it's important to take one day out of the week to plan out everything for the week. For me, Sunday is the most convenient day for me to organize my future blog posts, workouts and anything else I need to accomplish that week. If you are bored one day and don't have much to do I would recommend you fill out your planner.

4. Keep Cute Stationery and Stickers
I am huge sticker fan! I love collecting a bunch of cute fun stickers because they keep my planner much more entertaining! My favorite stickers are the ones with transparent backgrounds.

5. Check and Update Constantly
Personally, I think this is why people don't keep up with their planners and why your planner is probably sitting over there covered in dust. In order to improve at something, you have to keep up with it! So try to check and update your planner as much as possible!

6. Add Tasks In The Morning
In the morning when you wake up, check your planner and jot down as many tasks that you want to accomplish that day. Like maybe you need to do laundry, go on a grocery trip or you have a surprise event came up last minute. Basically, make a to-do list whenever you feel like you don't have enough assignments in your day.

Do you own a planner?


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