15 Facts About Me ♥ Random Facts

1. Inside my mouth I have a mole on my bottom lip. Lucy has one on her tongue.

2. I hate taking pictures and selfies. This is why you guys have never seen a picture of me on my blog. But I do have one selfie that I took ages ago floating around on my Instagram somewhere.

3. I live in yoga pants and leggings. It's all I ever wear!

4. My favorite times of the day is when the sun rises and sun sets. The sky looks so pretty at those times!

5. Painting my nails is my favorite past time. However, I hate painting my toe nails! I only ever paint them like once or twice a year, during summer.

6. I workout at night because it's more convenient for me.

7. Coffee is my bae! I can drink coffee everyday all day nonstop! Preferably iced coffee.

8. I can't sleep with socks on. Every time I do I wake up with one sock off.

9. All I ever wear is light natural makeup. I can't wear heavy amounts of makeup because it suffocates my skin.

10. Fast food is gross! With the only exception being Taco Bell. I hate greasy fried food! It makes my stomach ache and gives me heartburn sometimes. 

11. I adore t shirt style dresses or any top long enough to cover both my crotch and bum. Since I wear leggings most of the time they both go really well with each other.

12. I'm not comfortable showing too much skin in pubic. Like my whole arms and legs. If I do show them I feel very uncomfortable.

13. My kpop love started back in 2008-2009 (which is my opinion had the best music ever!) when I was in high school. I've been a fan for almost 8 years! I first started listening to Girls' Generation then I found more girl groups and then I eventually got into boy groups and have been a fan of kpop ever since!

14. Loose hairs on my body annoy me so much! Since getting Lucy this happens more frequently now. I can probably build another dog with the amount of fur I've found in my mouth!

15. Long periods of cloudy/rainy days in a row makes me really depressed. I need my vitamin D!

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3 Eye Creams To Try ♥ Mini Beauty Review(s)

When I turned 20 I started adventuring into eye creams because your 20's is when you are suppose to start really taking care of your skin if you want to prevent premature aging. At first I tried anything that was handed to me like from Birchbox or any other samples I had laying around. Today I am reviewing two eye products that I've been testing out for the past few months and sharing my favorite $8 eye cream that I swear by!

Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream:
I've been using this eye cream for the past year and I adore it! I thought an $8 eye cream wouldn't serve any purpose to my eye bags but it hydrates and whitens my dark tired eyes from lack of sleep. The cream formula sinks into my skin and nourishes the thin skin around my eyes. I lightly dab a little bit of this cream in the morning and at night and it's really made a difference in my eye's appearance. If you are interested in trying out an eye cream that brightens and hydrates your eyes I highly recommend this eye cream. You can find it at Target.

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Good-Bye Dark Eye Corrector:
I was drawn to this eye corrector originally because of the adorable packaging. However, I wasn't impressed with this product at all! It really doesn't do anything. The cream is white and thick, I really have to massage this under my eyes for the whiteness of the cream to dissolve and sink into the skin (but it really just sits there). You would think that the thick white cream would at least brighten my dark eyes but no.

Shea Terra Organics Argan + Green Coffee Around-Eye Beauty Serum:
If you want to take your eye cream game to a different level try using an eye serum. This eye serum contains argan oil that soothes and smooth skin around the eye. The green coffee bean oil contains powerful antioxidants and stimulates blood circulation for brighter looking youthful eyes. I apply the serum at night and massage around the eye area, little goes a long way.

Do you use an eye cream? If so, which one do you use?

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5 Ways to Use A Neutral Palette ♥ Beauty Tips

We all have one, a neutral eye shadow palette. But you probably don't use every single shade in the palette (maybe you do, but I certainly don't!). There are tons of ways to use your everyday eye shadow palette differently but I'm going to be sharing my favorite ways that I've personally tried.

1. Fill In Your Eyebrows
If you take a taupe brown/medium brown color you can use it to fill in your eyebrows. Just grab a angled brush and brush against your eyebrows. Use a eyebrow comb and wand to groom the shadow in your brows.

2. Highlight
Use light sparkly shadows to highlight certain parts of your face. Such as your brow bone, cheeks, cupids arrow, anywhere that need an instant glow!

3.  Nude Lip Color
You can have fun with a clear lip gloss and create a nude lip shade. Grab a eye shadow brush and pat on a lot of shadow then carefully apply the color all over your lips. Seal with a clear gloss to make the color stay on longer.

4. Contour
Using various makeup brushes you can contour your cheeks, nose, temples, basically any part of your face that you want to frame your face. Make sure you follow up with some highlights for a radiant glow.

5. Eyeliner 
This is one of my favorite ways to use my eye shadow palettes, eyeliner! You a slim pencil-like tapered brushes to apply the "eyeliner" on your upper and lower lashes. Make sure you use a eye primer to make your eyeliner last longer.

What is your favorite eye shadow palette?

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Gudetama Easter Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

Back when Sanrio introduced their newest character Gudetama I was kind of creeped out. But after seeing many pictures and gifs of him on Tumblr and twitter I learned to love Gudetama and now I'm pretty obsessed with him! For those who don't who Gudetama is, he is basically a egg yolk with arms and legs that is always sad and unmotivated because he is about to be eaten. Look up videos of him online, it is seriously the cutest/funniest thing ever!

With Easter coming up I thought it would be cool to infuse Gudetama and Easter together to create a kawaii crochet pattern that you can make for Easter (that is, if you celebrate Easter). Instead of the signature white egg shell I made a pastel striped egg shell which is inspired by Easter eggs. Inside Gudetama sits in with his arms poking out of the cracked Easter egg. Of course you can choose to make the egg shell white but with Easter approaching I thought the Easter egg was a cute idea.

You will need:
- Yellow "egg yolk colored" yarn
- Your choice of egg shell colors (I used lavender and mint)
- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- Back felt
- White felt
- Scissors
- Yarn needle
- Stuffing
- Glue (I used a no-sew fabric glue)

Abbreviations + tips
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
st(s) - stitch(es)
sc - single crochet
dec - decrease
inc - increase
cc - color change

*Repeat the number of rows that is in the (here). Example: if the line says,
Sc 24 sts (repeat 4x times)
you are going to crochet the sc 24 sts 4 times total.

*If something doesn't seem right let me know and I will try to fix the pattern.

- Ch 6 sts, sl st to 1st st to create a loop. Total = 6 sts
- Sc 2 sts in each st (repeat 6x times). Total = 12 sts
- Sc 1, sc 2 sts in each st. (repeat 6x times). Total = 18 sts
- Sc 18 sts (repeat 10x times). Total 18 sts
Insert stuffing
- Dec 1 st, sc 1 (repeat 12x times). Total 6 sts
Cut off leaving a long string of yarn (not too long though)
Weave the end close by using a in-and-out stitch using the yarn

Arms (make 2)
- Ch 6 sts, sl st to 1st st to create a loop. Total = 6 sts
- Sc 2 sts in each st (repeat 6x times). Total = 12 sts
Cut off
Fold the circles in half and sew the open side of the side with yarn. Repeat to the other arm.

Egg Shell
- Ch 6 sts, sl st to 1st st to create a loop. Total = 6 sts
- Sc 2 sts in each st (repeat 6x times). Total = 12 sts
- Sc 2 sts in each st (repeat 6x times). Total = 24 sts
- Sc 24 sts (repeat 4x times). Total = 24 sts
Cc to your 2nd color (if you want a striped design)
- Sc 24 sts (repeat 3x times). Total = 24 sts
Cc to your previous yarn color
- Sc 24 sts (repeat 2x time). Total 24 sts
To create the cracks,
- Sc 2, ch 1, turn, dec 1, cut off (repeat 3x times, skipping 2 sts between each crack.
Cut off and weave-in ends

To assemble Gudetama's body. Sew the arms where the cracks of the egg shell meet. I sewed my Gudetama's arms between the 6-7 rows of Gudetama's body, leaving 4-5 stitches between the arms.

Now that you have completed both Gudetama and his egg shell you can place Gudetama inside his home. For the face, I used black and white felt to create Gudetama's eye's and mouth. You can look up pictures of Gudetama's different expressions online and cut out your favorite face on felt. I used a no sew glue to stick the felt onto Gudetama's face.

And now you are finished! What I love best about this pattern is that you can use whatever colors for the egg shell for any situation, kind of like his clothes. I'm planning to make a white egg shell so he can wear all year long. You can also make other holiday themed egg shells like a Halloween or Christmas shell, the possibilities are endless!

Are you a fan of Gudetama?

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