15 Facts About Me ♥ Random Facts

1. Inside my mouth I have a mole on my bottom lip. Lucy has one on her tongue.

2. I hate taking pictures and selfies. This is why you guys have never seen a picture of me on my blog. But I do have one selfie that I took ages ago floating around on my Instagram somewhere.

3. I live in yoga pants and leggings. It's all I ever wear!

4. My favorite times of the day is when the sun rises and sun sets. The sky looks so pretty at those times!

5. Painting my nails is my favorite past time. However, I hate painting my toe nails! I only ever paint them like once or twice a year, during summer.

6. I workout at night because it's more convenient for me.

7. Coffee is my bae! I can drink coffee everyday all day nonstop! Preferably iced coffee.

8. I can't sleep with socks on. Every time I do I wake up with one sock off.

9. All I ever wear is light natural makeup. I can't wear heavy amounts of makeup because it suffocates my skin.

10. Fast food is gross! With the only exception being Taco Bell. I hate greasy fried food! It makes my stomach ache and gives me heartburn sometimes. 

11. I adore t shirt style dresses or any top long enough to cover both my crotch and bum. Since I wear leggings most of the time they both go really well with each other.

12. I'm not comfortable showing too much skin in pubic. Like my whole arms and legs. If I do show them I feel very uncomfortable.

13. My kpop love started back in 2008-2009 (which is my opinion had the best music ever!) when I was in high school. I've been a fan for almost 8 years! I first started listening to Girls' Generation then I found more girl groups and then I eventually got into boy groups and have been a fan of kpop ever since!

14. Loose hairs on my body annoy me so much! Since getting Lucy this happens more frequently now. I can probably build another dog with the amount of fur I've found in my mouth!

15. Long periods of cloudy/rainy days in a row makes me really depressed. I need my vitamin D!

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