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5 Skincare Mistakes You're Probably Doing

Since my previous skincare tips post was really fun for me to type up, I'm back with some more skincare beauty tips! I really enjoy reading up on the latest skincare and beauty news and since I'm pretty educated on skincare already I feel like I need to inform as many people as possible. Today I am talking about five skincare mistakes you may be following. *I'm no dermatologist or skincare specialist just a skincare junkie who enjoys reading about skincare on her time off.*

Using The Wrong Products
You may be using the wrong skincare products! Finding the perfect skincare routine is an adventure so be patient and find out what products work and don't work for your skin. Also, find out what skin type you have because that is really important! You may even want to keep a skincare journal to jot down all of the products that work (and don't work) for your skin.

You Use Cleansing Wipes
There is nothing wrong with using makeup/cleansing wipes to remove your makeup. However, it should never be the only thing you use to wash or cleanse your face! These wipes do not take off all of your makeup and other gunk that is stuck to your face. You do not want to sleep with that! It's alright to remove your makeup with those wipes but follow up with your skincare regime.

Exfoliating Too Much
A lot of us use facial scrubs to exfoliate our skin but try not to scrub too much. In fact, we should only be exfoliating once a week or 1-3 times a month! Why? Because scrubs can be too harsh on your skin (even the gentle ones). Even though scrubs make your skin feel and look radiant! Over-exfoliation can lead to dry patches, redness, dehydration, itchiness, irritation, and much more! So calm down on the scrubs and try to use non-abrasive exfoliants.

Rushing Your Routine
In order to get good at something, you have to practice and take your time. That includes your skincare routine! I know you are tired at night from a long day at school or work but you can't just simply rush your routine just because you are too sleepy. If you want amazing skin then you need to take your time. It really only takes 2-5 minutes depending on your regime, you probably have enough time.  

Air Out Your Skin
It's really important to let your skin breathe out! Try not to wear makeup every single day especially when you are having a bad skin day (you know that day, pimples/breakouts). Wearing a bunch of makeup for a long time can be really bad for your skin. So as soon as you get home to remove your makeup and follow up with your skincare routine at night.

What are some of your skincare tips?


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