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30 Days of Yoga

So I've completed the 30 Days of Yoga challenge! Today I'm going to share my experience on how I've been feeling after finishing the 30 days of yoga.

After completing the 30-day yoga challenge I was like, what now? Before I took on this challenge I would perform yoga maybe once (sometimes twice) a week to fully stretch out my body from that week's workouts. Now I feel like yoga is the only workout activity I want to do! One of the things I learned while on this challenge was to control my breathing. Before I would usually hold in my breath while working out but now I feel like I have more control and can even notice when I'm not breathing during my workouts, unlike before.

As for my body, this challenge really helped lengthen my body. I've also have gotten more flexible. I remember back on the first few days of the challenge there were some moves that I couldn't perform that well but around the end of the series, I went back to see if I had gotten closer and I did! I still can't anything special like handstands or anything but I'm working myself up there!

So now that I've completed the 30 Days of Yoga videos with Adriene what am I going to do? Well, I'm going to incorporate more yoga into my practice and challenge myself once a month to perform a challenging move. Adriene has a bunch of videos on her Youtube channel some that even help with certain yoga poses. Overall I'm just going to keep on exploring yoga and have fun while doing so!

If you are interested in becoming a yogi I recommend you start with a few beginner videos, in fact the 30-day yoga challenge is perfect for beginners because Adriene doesn't do anything to advance in the series and lets you choose what feels right for your body.

Would you ever join the 30-day of yoga challenge? Or have you before?


  1. Ah I think I had the opposite experience, I used to do a lot of yoga, and now that I stopped for a few months, I find I am not flexible anymore! I want to do the 30 day challenge now ^_^

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  2. Yeah, you should definitely try yoga again! My body feels so much more open now! At first I thought 20-30 minutes of yoga would be too long for me (I use to only be able to practice yoga for 15 minutes) but honestly the time flies by while you're on the mat.


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