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Ban.do 17 Month Large Agenda ♥ Flip Through

Lately, I've been even more obsessed with planners to the point where I've been watching planner organization videos via Youtube (yes, I'm that crazy!). I've been using this planner since the beginning of the year and as much as I love it it's simply too small for me so I went ahead and bought the new Ban.do agenda!

Last year Ban.do came out with an amazing agenda that almost every blogger owned. But sadly it was sold out by the time I wanted to buy it. This year I made sure to be updated when this year's Ban.do agenda came out and it was just released last month! I pre-ordered it as soon as I saw them up on sale and went ahead and bought their new large size! I thought I would give you a sneak peek at what's inside the agenda, for those of you that are interested in maybe buying it.

If you are interested in buying this agenda they still have it in stock! You can buy the 17 Month Ban.do Large Agenda here. Ban.do also just released a new sticker book which you get here. Or you can buy a bundle with both the sticker book and agenda here.

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