Current Makeup Routine ♥ Summer Edition

Today's post is on my current summer makeup routine. This is what I have been wearing almost everyday since summer began. It may seem kind of long because it involves various products, but trust me it's simple and you can use your own makeup to create a similar look. While I was editing these pictures I noticed that I use a lot of Etude House products in this routine (I didn't even notice I had this many) but I'm not sponsored by them, even though I wish I was.

First step, primer! I really love the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser because it makes my makeup last all day! Then, I use concealer to disguise any visible blemishes. I use the L'oreal Paris Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer for my dark circles and the Hard Candy Heavy Duty Concealer Pencil on hard to cover pimples. After I've primed and concealer I use my Lalavesi Akma "Ice Cute" Cushion to wake up and add life onto my face. Anything, that my cushion can't hide I go over with some more concealer afterwards.

Now on to eyes, I prime my lids with the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer. While that is soaking onto my eyelids I define my eyebrows with the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil, I draw in my brow shape and comb with the brow brush. Next is eye shadow, I roll on the Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in Ivory Baby Star all over my eyelids and a little on the lower edges to add a slight hint of color. Then I tap a glittery champagne (almost light brown) colored shadow in the BH Cosmetics That's Heart Palette on the center of my eyelid to add more definition.

I use a black gel eyeliner to create the puppy eyeliner look. I am testing out different eyeliner at the moment but my two favorites are the Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner and the BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner. After that I apply the L'oreal Miss Manga Rock Waterproof Mascara (I don't curl my lashes because they fall off if I do) using a upward twisting motion with the mascara wand to create a curling effect.

Now it's time for my aegyo sal eyes! I've been adding this to my routine and I love how wide awake it makes my eyes. I add a bit of light shimmer on my lower inner corner of my eyes. My two favorite products to use are the Etude House Tear Eye Liner and Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker.

On days when I don't want a dewy finish I use the Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder to remove any excess oiliness from my face. Finally, I use a lip product to finish off the look. I'm currently using the Aritaum Water Sliding Tint, just one swipe of this and you have a lovely tint on your lips that lasts the entire day!

What makeup products are you currently using?

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