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Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder ♥ Beauty Review

Today I have another review that I will be sharing. It's on the Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder that came out earlier this year. This powder is supposed to be similar to the Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, which I've never tried before so I can't compare. It's a finely milled white powder that is supposed to absorb all unnecessary excess oil from your face. Even though I prefer a dewy finish I think it's nice to have a sebum control powder at hand just in case! Let's get on to the review!

Product description
"Its special no-sebum mineral powder absorbs only sebum and excessive oil. Its special no-sebum mineral powder helps skin look clean and clear. Microfine brush puff helps get rids of excessive sebum."

- Cute sturdy packaging
- Nice citrus scent
- Affordable
- Will last a long time
- Does control oil (but only for a certain amount of time)
- Superfine powder

- Unpractical packaging
- Puff too soft and cushiony
- Sometimes doesn't control oil too well
- Leaves slight white cast (but it only lasts a while)

My experience
The mint green packaging immediately caught my attention, which is one of the reasons why I purchased this powder in the first place. The puff, in my opinion, is too soft and doesn't really cover the spots I want to be matte too well. I actually use a powder brush to distribute the powder among my face because the puff is pretty much useless to me. Once applied, it leaves a slight white cast but it's nothing too noticeable and it eventually disappears throughout the day. The scent is amazing! It has a strong citrus scent but it fades away within seconds. As for the staying powder, I found that on certain days it held oil better than other days. However, if you need a quick matte look for a photo or something it's perfect for that!

Would I recommend this product?
Is it the best mattifying powder out there? No. Would I repurchase this again? No. Like I said, it doesn't always control sebum too well. I really think it depends on your skin type and how much oil your face contracts.

You can buy the Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder here

Do you prefer matte or dewy skin?


  1. I definitely prefer a matte finish, but too bad I only can enjoy it for less than 3 hours :((( I purchased this powder a couple months ago, but just started gravitating towards it! It doesn't keep shine away and using a loose powder to touch up is annoying as hell, but it will do until I finish it or lose it haha

    1. I agree that it's not as convenient as it could be. Maybe if it was in a mirror compact instead of a screw on lid it would be more helpful.


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