Karolinas Krafts Grab Bag ♥ Etsy Sticker Haul

A few weeks ago Karolinas Krafts posted a few grab bags up on her instagram. Each bag contained 10 sheets of stickers for $15 that were flawed and not eligible for sale, hence the low price. I was lucky enough to snatch up a bag, and of course I had to share what sheets I received in my Karolinas Krafts grab bag! All were random and a complete surprise to me.

This was my first purchase from Karolinas Krafts. All the kits were ready-to-ship so the stickers arrived to me super quick, less then a week! I never ordered her stickers before so I can't really say anything about her regular shipping/process time but her shop announcements say it takes around 3-6 weeks! Yikes! I'm glad I was able to get a grab bag.

The grab bag contained 10 random sheets of stickers that were imperfect. She didn't say what specific details were wrong but I'm assuming they were miscut, had minor errors, discontinued etc. Either way, you can't really tell what's wrong, they look perfect to me!

Here are the first five sheets.There is a mixture of glossy and matte stickers throughout this set. There are doctor stickers (great for appointments), messy bed stickers, book worm stickers, school homework stickers and mail box stickers. I will definitely be using the bed, book quotes and mail box stickers! I'm not in school so I probably won't use the round school stickers. I don't go to the doctor enough to actually use the appointment stickers frequently. I will most likely use them to track Lucy's vet appointments.

Next up, I received rainbow heart checklists, which made me really excited! I also got some blue, red and orange checklists along with some chore stickers, not a fan of the colors. However, I can see myself using these on chore days. I also got two half sheets of glossy stickers, some half box page flags with checklists inside and green, brown and gold washi strip stickers. After seeing and feeling the glossy stickers I have to say I'm not a fan of the shiny/glossy texture.

Saved the best for last! In my grab bag I received a full-sheet of Christmas stickers! The page contains various red and green Christmas themed stickers in a matte finish. There are some washi strips, full-boxes, tear drops, banners and cute Christmas stickers! I've been trying to collect autumn/fall stickers so I haven't even begin to think about Christmas stickers! I'm so grateful to have gotten these in my grab bag!

Have you ever ordered from Karolinas Krafts before?

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