Scribble Prints Co + Angel Shoppe ♥ Sticker Haul

Scribble Prints Co and Angel Shoppe Sticker Haul
Today, I have not one but two shop reviews! Since I don't always order a bulk of stationary supplies in every order I thought I would combine a few smaller orders into a 2-in-1 mini review post. I will be reviewing a very popular sticker shop called Scribble Prints Co. I also bought a cute clip from The Angel Shoppe that I had to share!

Scribble Prints Co Sticker Haul
When I first started buying Etsy stickers all I ever heard about was Scribble Prints Co! A lot of people love Scribble Prints, because they have cute and colorful stickers. Her stickers are especially designed to fit the Erin Condren planner perfectly. I finally placed my first order with Scribble Prints and ordered the pink lemonade stickers that I've had my eye's since I first saw them! I did have a problem when I received my order in the mail. My stickers came bent (you can kind of tell from the pictures). Thankfully, they're not too bent. You would think a popular shop like this would at least use better mailers.

Anyways, I bought both of the pink lemonade sticker sheets. The one on the left has 8 box squares with a pink lemonade color palette, this sheet is glossy. The stickers on the right are all washi strips with the same pink lemonade designs, these are all on matte sticker paper. I don't understand why they put one sheet of stickers on glossy paper and the other on matte. Personally, I prefer matte sticker paper because it's easier to take off (in case of mistakes) and it just feels better.

Looking back on it now I probably didn't need these stickers. I mean, I bought these thinking I would make a summer lemonade spread but autumn is here and I really don't have any use for them until next year. Just another impulse buy.

Scribble Prints Co Sticker Haul
This is the freebie that they sent. It's really cute and has a autumn theme and an adorable pug!

Angel Shoppe Haul
Angel Shoppe
The Angel Shoppe is a cute stationary shop located in Canada. Angel Shoppe is mainly known for their planner paper clips, even though their stickers are also insanely cute! My order took exactly one week for my order to arrive. It also came packaged cute in a card with washi tape securely holding the clip in place.

I bought the pink glitter cow clip, which was only up on the shop for a few days. The cow is made from good quality card stock and the paper clip feels sturdy. Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase and would purchase from this shop again.

Scribble Prints Co and Angel Shoppe Sticker Haul
What are some of your favorite places to buy stationary supplies?

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