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Today's post is on one of my absolute favorite Etsy sticker shops, Stick With Me Shop! Jenny runs Stick With Me and is based in Toronto, Canada. She personally draws and designs the kawaiiest stickers I've ever seen! I only place an order from Stick With Me Shop when there is a promotion going on, Jenny doesn't offer any permanent Instagram discount at the moment so I take advantage of any deal or freebie she posts up.

This is my first purchase from Stick With Me, but I've already ordered more stickers since I took these photos! This particular order took four weeks to arrive. But honestly, all the cuteness was worth the wait!

Jenny offers a few sets that include four sheets of stickers. I decided to get the sweet/desserts sticker set. The kit includes many yummy cakes, doughnuts, ice cream, cupcakes, so many desserts to choose from! She also includes some banners, page flags, cute square boxes, half boxes, to do lists, check-off lists, and lots of decoration stickers. I also really love the lavender and pink combination!

When I saw the tea time stickers I completely fell in love! I mean, look at those lil tea bags! I also needed to buy the iced coffee and frappucino stickers, since I drink both way too often.

I also got some essentials stickers such as, workout stickers. I use these to mark down all the days I workout. Also bought cleaning stickers, to use on days when I have chores to do.

These are the freebies I received with this order. When I ordered Stick With Me Shop was having a promotion where you could choose any sheet from the shop for free! It was really hard to decided which sheet I wanted (so many cute choices) but I ended up getting the happy mail stickers. I also got a mini zip-lock bag with a few random stickers from the shop. I wish she didn't individually cut each sticker out. This makes it really difficult for me to find the stickers. When it comes to stickers, everything on one sheet is the best!

What's your favorite sticker shop?

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