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My Planner Essentials ♥ Planning 101

Planner Essentials
As you guys know I'm a huge planner junkie. So I want to start posting some helpful planner/planning advice and tips. I don't have that many ideas on what I could post about, so if you have any ideas let me know! I think I will post these planning posts every couple of weeks, not too often though. Let me know your thought on this idea.

For my first planning 101 series, I am sharing my planner essentials. I've played around with many types of stationery supplies and have found what works for my planning routine, so of course, I have to share what works for me with you guys. These items have made my planner routine much easier.

Planner Essentials
Obviously, you need a planner! I use the Bando agenda. This one isn't available anymore but I think you can leave your email at Bando to be the first to know when they get more.

Planner Paper Clips
I think planner clips are very helpful to mark your important pages in your planner. I use one to bookmark the monthly calendar and the other one for my weekly spread. The Baymax clip is from Cute By Design Co and the glittery cow is from The Angel Shoppe.

Planner Essentials
Sticker Album 
I keep my most-used individual sheets of stickers in that cute Eevee photo album which I got from Micheal's for $1! This sticker book makes picking out stickers a breeze because you can see all your stickers organized in a small booklet!

Accordion Sticker Storage
The pink striped accordion storage thing is from the Target dollar spot. I keep larger sticker sheets that don't fit in the sticker album in here.

Planner Essentials
I use notepads to remind me of important dates and tasks I need to do throughout the week. You can find these on eBay for an affordable price.

Correction Tape
White-out is incredibly important! I use this adorable strawberry milk correction tape to white-out any mistakes or anything printed in my planner that I don't like.

Adhesive Runner
This has been a lifesaver! I used to use double-sided tape to adhere to everything on my planner but don't start to get annoying. So I bought this adhesive runner from Micheal's. It's a roll-on adhesive that makes attaching things more simple.

I don't use scissors too often, only when I'm cutting washi tape. I mean you can tear the washi tape but I'm not good at that. So I use this tiny pair of scissors to snip away washi.

Planner Essentials
Thin Washi Tape
Speaking of washi! Washi tape is really fun to use and it makes your planner even more magical! However, once I found thin washi tape it completely changes my thoughts on washi tape! You can use thin washi tape to make lines in your planner, which is what I use it for. You can find thin washi tape at Micheal's or here.

Colorful Pens
We all need pens to write in our planners. I'm not picky with pens (at least not yet) I just use the ones I have laying around, which just so happens to be my Baymax pens.

Planner Essentials
What are some of your planning essentials?


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