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Tea and Biscuits ♥ My First Crochet Painting

My First Crochet Painting
A couple of weeks ago while browsing through Michael's Craft Store I found some blank canvas for sale, they were only $2! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally make a crochet painting. I've wanted to crochet a painting since I saw Twinkie Chan's "macaronimals" crochet paintings. They look so cute so I thought I would take on the challenge and crochet one of my own! It was really fun to crochet I would love to make another one with a different theme!

My First Crochet Painting
Here's what the final result looks like. I first made a huge crochet piece, which I made pink. I measured the canvas and did the math with stitches. I used a double crochet stitch to make things this process go by faster. When I was finished with the background I glued the crochet piece to the canvas (make sure to use a strong glue). Next, I crocheted a cream-colored doily with a scalloped lining. I also used double crochet on this piece. I also adhered it by gluing onto the canvas, but you could always sew it on.

My First Crochet Painting
For the coffee mug, I used the teacup coaster pattern in the Crochet With One Sheepish Girl book. I added light brown yarn to create an open coffee look. I surfaced crochet on the drizzle over the latte with cream yarn and the pink design on the cup. I also glued this piece on.

My First Crochet Painting
Since I love cows I decided to make buttercream filled cow biscuits. I was going to use a brown colored yarn but I didn't like how it looked so made it a light yellow buttercream color instead. Next, I crocheted the cow's face, aka Mooey. These were the hardened thing to crochet because I had to individually crochet the horns and ears. Then I had to surface crochet the brown spot. Since these were hard to make I got lazy with the eyes and nostrils so I just sewed them with blank yarn.

My First Crochet Painting
What do you guys think? Do you like it?


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