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Christmas Sweater Collar ♥ 12 Days of DIY

DIY Christmas Sweater Collar
On the twelfth day of Christmas, I made this for you, a Christmas sweater collar! Yup, this is the last DIY project from the 12 days of DIY! I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away! I hope you guys have enjoyed this series as I do every year. I am especially proud of myself this year for getting everything done early! I'm usually making these projects down to Christmas Eve, but not this year! I get so stressed out trying to come up with 12 different DIY projects and then I have to take pictures and edit them! But I do it all for those of you who visit my blog and take time out of your day to view and read my posts. Thank you so much!

For the last DIY project I made a Christmas collar that you can attach to a sweater and wear to a Christmas party or on Christmas day. It's pretty easy and doesn't take up too much time.

DIY Christmas Sweater Collar
DIY Christmas Sweater Collar
You will need
- Felt or felt pieces (I got mine from the Target Dollar Spot)
- No-sew fabric glue
- Sweater (I bought one that's a size larger for an oversized look)
- White yarn
- Crochet hook
- Scissors
- White beads (I got these from a craft store)

DIY Christmas Sweater Collar
First, you will be gluing the white beads or "pearls" onto the felt shapes. I measured out the beaded string on the shapes then proceeded to cut out the appropriate amount with scissors. Next, I used glue to adhere the beads to the shapes. Repeat to all your shapes. Cut out a hole at the top of each shape, repeat to each piece.

DIY Christmas Sweater Collar
With a crochet hook and white yarn create a chain with 10 stitches. Insert your crochet into the holes of the felt pieces and chain another 10 stitches. Repeat to all of the felt shapes. Once you are down to your last piece chain another 10 stitches and cut off.

Once you are done you should have the Christmas collar complete. Next, it is time to attach the collar to a sweater. You can either sew the collar on or just using glue to adhere the collar to the sweater, choose whichever one you prefer.

What are you wearing on Christmas?


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