Day 361-365 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 361: Lucy loves the squid I crocheted. Look at dem eyes! You can make one for yourself here.

Day 362: I really want some of these Tsum Tsum figures but I'm not sure what I would do with them. Maybe make them into charms or add them as decoration to a decoden case? I will keep you updated if I make something with them.

Day 363: Documenting Lucy in her bed. She has two beds, one downstairs in her cage and another one upstairs. She has never used the one upstairs until recently. Hopefully she'll use it more often and eventually sleep there instead of my bed.

Day 364: One of my favorite nail looks from this year. I love soft pastel colors together! I'm so glad they are the 2016 colors of the year! You can view better pictures of this nail look here.

Day 365: Here are my top 9 from Instagram. This is also my last photo from 2015! I'm not sure whether or not to continue making these 365 posts. What do you guys think? If I do stop posting these what should I replace them with? I use to post Drama Bum Sunday and Craft Corners before I started the 365 challenge. Then there is Fitness Friday or should I add a new weekly feature? Any ideas? Please help!

Should I continue the 365 challenge this year?

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