Top 6 Nail Polishes ♥ Favorites + Most Worn

Top 6 Nail Polishes
I'm a huge nail polish addict! I paint my nails a different color every week and out of hundreds of nail polishes in my collection I apparently only use six frequently. These are the nail polishes that I've been actively wearing over and over again for the past couple of months. Today I am showing you my top 6 most worn nail polishes that also happen to be my favorite 6 nail polishes.

Top 6 Nail Polishes
I tend to like bright vivid color and soft baby pastel colors with a cream finish. As for fomula, most nail polishes tend to have a different formula based on the finish but I found that Essie and Color Club are my favorites. I especially love the brush of the Color Club nail polishes because they are thick and easier to apply on the nails.

Top 6 Nail Polishes
Essie Blossom Dandy + Peak Show + Virgin Snow
You've probably seen these three lovely pastel nail polishes before because they were previously featured in my favorite winter nail polishes. I wore these three probably the most in winter, especially Peak Show and Virgin Snow! I love how soft and delicate these colors look on cold harsh winter days.

Top 6 Nail Polishes
Color Club Diggin the Dancing Queen  + Blue Ming
These two are my two favorite "soft-hued neons". They're not complete neon but I wouldn't classify them as pastel either so they're in middle. They are both by Color Club but the one of the left is the new packaging.

Top 6 Nail Polishes
China Glaze Treble Maker
Last we have the odd ball of the group but for whatever reason I just adore this color! It's a bright neon green that screams summer! But of course I have been wearing this since late summer up until early winter. I even dedicated a whole blog post to this nail polish!

Top 6 Nail Polishes
What's your absolute favorite nail polish?

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  1. Oooo I love the pastel theme, essie and color club are my faves =]

    1. I know, right! Who doesn't love pastel colors? I really love the color selection from China Glaze nail polishes too but I'm not a fan of their brush applicator. It's too thin!