40 Random Thoughts ♥ From Today

40 Thoughts From Today
I've wanted to make a post like this for sometime now. Today I'm sharing my 40 random thoughts from today. Let's get started!

1. Cramps suck!
2. I'm really sleepy but I shouldn't sleep.
3. How can dogs sleep so much?
4. My eyes are super watery today.
5. And my feet are freezing!
6. I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. I love the clothes, colors and weather.
7. However, I hate the pollen and bugs!
8. I think my dog has a foot fetish.
9. It's Tsum Tsum Tuesday! Did you guys buy anything?
10. I adore the new Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsums!
11. Lucy is shedding so much!
12. I am covered in hundreds of dog hairs!
13. Has anybody heard Vixx's new song yet?
14. It sounds like a Shinee song.
15. I still haven't made my bed
16. Lucy is on her 8th nap of the day.
17. I haven't had coffee since Saturday! Which is huge for me because I usually drink 2 cups a day.
18. Surprisingly I haven't had a headache, yet!
19. I want some iced coffee now! But it would make my cramps worse.
20. I'm properly really sleepy because of the lack of coffee.
21. After I am done typing or posting this post I am taking a nap.
22. I'm currently drinking green tea with lemon.
23. Whenever I make tea I leave it out to cool but forget about and it becomes cold.
24. I'm still not feeling inspired.
25. Last night I watched Spice World.
26. I'm going to listen to the Spice Girls.
27. I was a huge Spice Girl fan growing up.
28. My older sister and I had so much Spice Girl merch.
29. I even had the special edition Baby Spice doll! That wore a shiny blue costume.
30. My favorite Spice Girl was Baby Spice.
31. I really want to try the new coffee M&M's.
32. I only have 10 sheet masks left. My sister bought me a box of My Beauty Diary sheet masks though.
33. I fell half asleep writing this post.
34. What's wrong with me today?
35. I've been using Curology for five days now.
36. Less redness but my skin is still the same
37. I still need to finish the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
38. And Sailor Moon.
39. I also want to start watching Descendants Of The Sun
40. Time to nap!

What's on your mind right now?

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