Gold & Black ♥ Weekly Planner Spread

Gold & Black Weekly Planner Spread
This week's theme was gold and black. To be honest I'm not a fan of the whole gold and white combination like most bloggers, I prefer colors. However, I wanted to use my new stickers from my previous stationary haul so I looked through my washi drawer and saw that I hadn't used my gold washi tape yet so I choose that it. Originally, this spread was suppose to be gold and white but I didn't like how empty the white made everything look so I changed from white to black. Thus, the gold and black planner them was born!

Gold & Black Weekly Planner Spread
Overview. I feel like there is a lack of  personality in this week's spread. I didn't really use my planner too much this week to be honest though. That is probably why. I decorated my planner a lot in the first half of the week so as the second half arrived I didn't have much to fill in.

Gold & Black Weekly Planner Spread
Here is the left side. I'm slowing trying to exercise more. It's amazing how just a few days of not working out makes you so lazy! Speaking of working out, I actually did on Tuesday morning! However, I forgot to check it off. I forgot to check off a lot things in this week's spread so please excuse that. 

Gold & Black Weekly Planner Spread
Here is the right side of my planner. Again, I forgot to check off the pictures of blog posts I took on Saturday. Overall, I hate how this week's theme turned out. I loved the combination of gold and black and my new stickers that I used but I feel like something is missing? I also have no idea what next week's theme will be. I am still running low on stickers and still haven't bought any new ones yet so...

Gold & Black Weekly Planner Spread
How was your weekend?

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  1. Adorable planner! I see so many people using planners. I'm kinda thinking about getting myself one. I still need those two Tsum Tsums too! x

    1. You totally should! It's a great way to organize daily plans and upcoming events. Plus, you can decorate it all cute! <3