March Mask Maven ♥ First Impressions

March Mask Maven First Impressions
I've heard of Mask Maven through Youtube and was absolutely intrigued by this subscription. It's a monthly subscription that for $15 (month-to-month, without shipping) you receive 9 to 11 masks in each bag. You can receive a variety of masks such as face, lip, under eye, hair, etc. Since this is my first time receiving a Mask Maven I will be unboxing along with sharing my first impressions.

March Mask Maven First Impressions
March theme is Good Energy Garden. This Mask Maven contain an array of masks that energize, revitalize and invigorate the skin. Some even contain natural ingredients.

March Mask Maven First Impressions
List of sheet masks.

March Mask Maven First Impressions
The Face Shop Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Lip Patch
This soft jelly patch is made with cranberry extract to nourish, moisturize and keep lips hydrated.

March Mask Maven First Impressions
Prelab Skin Energy Mask - Anti Wrinkle
Mask rejuvenates and regenerates skin for a more youthful appearance.

Prelab Skin Energy Mask - Aqua
Mask quenches and deeply hydrates the skin.

March Mask Maven First Impressions
Botanic Farm Natural Energy Ginseng Mask
Contains Ginseng extract and Adenosine, which provide adequate nutrition to skin and reduces wrinkles. Anti-aging properties of ginseng strengthens the elasticity of the skin to keep a youthful face. Is also a great toner for the skin and lightens dark circles.

Botanic Farm Natural Energy Tea Tree Mask
Contains Tea Tree extract which calms the skin and restores skin's cleanliness. Ideal for blemished/stressed skin.

March Mask Maven First Impressions
Missha Pure Source Lotus Flower Mask
Mask brightens and moisturizes skin. Sheet Mask is compacted with cell fabric to ensure maximum absorption of product.

My Beauty Diary Rose Essence Moisturizing Mask
Rose essence works to soothe and hydrates dry skin and calm irritated skin.

March Mask Maven First Impressions
Mizon Enjoy Vital Up Time Nourishing Mask
Mask contains avocado extract to moisturize and revitalize skin. Vitamin E and various additional ingredients aid in anti-aging.

Dermal Charcoal Collagen Essence Mask
Contains deep-cleaning charcoal, firming collagen, and nourishing vitamin E to promote clear, bright and youthful skin.

March Mask Maven First Impressions
I knew everything that was in the March Mask Maven because I saw their post on Instagram so nothing was a surprise. With that said, I'm happy with all the masks I received. I got 9 masks, 8 face masks and one lip patch. I have never used a lip patch before so I can't wait to finally use one!

My Experience
So I placed my order on February 29 because on Instagram Beauteque said if you placed your monthly subscription before the March that they would send your shipment in their first round. However, I didn't arrive my bag until the last week of March. I messaged Beauteque but just received a copy of an answer from their FAQ section. A few weeks later I sent them another message via Instagram with a better response. A week later I finally got my Mask Maven.

Would I repurchase?
Unfortunately no. I think the theory behind this subscription is fantastic but it needs some work. The shipments should all be sent out at the same time instead of two different shipments. Also, the price isn't worth it for me $18 sounds too much for me. However, I forgot to cancel my subscription so I will be unboxing another Mask Maven.

3 out of 5 hearts

You can purchase the Beauteque's Mask Maven here

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