The A-to-Z of My Life ♥ My Dictionary

The A-to-Z of My Life
Are you guys ready to discover a lot about me? Because today I'm writing the dictionary of my life! From A to Z I will be choosing words from every letter of the alphabet that best represent me. This was kind of difficult because for some of the letters were more challenging then others. With that said, I think I chose the words that best describe me. So go grab a cup of tea or coffee and a treat because this gonna be a long post!

A is for ABBA
I am a huge ABBA fan! I don't care if ABBA is considered "grandma music" because I love their songs! I can listen to ABBA all day long!

B is for Beauty
As you guys know I have a huge interest in beauty. Mainly skincare and makeup. I even took cosmetology courses in school because back then I wanted to work in the beauty industry. However, throughout the years I've pushed beauty away. I still enjoy beauty related things from time-to-time but it's no longer my passion as much as it once was.

C is for Clarinet
I played clarinet in middle school. I played from 6th to 7th grade. I wasn't good at it and dreaded staying after school and going to events, so I dropped out of band.

D is for Daydreamer
"They might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." No, but really, I am a huge dreamer. I constantly daydream throughout the day.

E is for Etsy
Back when I was in high school I opened my Etsy shop. I started selling crocheted dolls then moved on to sleep masks. I'm currently working on reopening my Etsy shop. Which should be reopening by the end of April or early May.

F is for Feminist
Growing up I always thought feminist were women who hated men or thought they were "above men" but they are most certainly not! Feminists simply want equality. No matter what gender or ethnicity you are we should all be treated the equal. There are hundreds of reasons why I am feminist now and support them.

G is for Gaming
Since I was younger I've been a gamer. I always had the latest gaming platform and would consistently play it until the buttons became loose! I'm now a 22 year old and still play video games on a regular basis. It doesn't matter how old you get, anyone can play video games!

H is for Homebody
I'm a huge homebody! I would much rather stay at home in my cozy pajamas, bake, play video or bored games and have a Disney movie marathon then go out and party any day!

I is for Insects
I'm terrified of bugs! All types of bugs but especially flying ones because you never know where they're going!

J is for Japan
One of the countries I hope to visit one day is Japan. Just by looking at pictures online Japan looks so extraordinary! I especially want to visit Tokyo and Harajuku!

K is for Kpop
I can't tell you how much Kpop has changed my life! I first discovered kpop through Bubzbeauty (remembered when she made videos?). She made a hair tutorial of SNSD's Sunny hairstyle from Oh and I was hooked! Girls' Generation was the first kpop girl group I listen to and they are still my #1 favorite girl group to this day! After SNSD came 4Minute, then 2PM, then BIGBANG and so on...

L is for Leggings
Literally, all I ever wear is leggings! Black leggings to be specific. I own 20 pairs! My favorite leggings are the $15 yoga leggings from Target but their $10 are also pretty decent.

M is for Mooey
Who is the Mooey in MooeyAndFriends? I've wanted to make a post on this for a long time but I don't think it's an interesting story. Mooey is a mini plush cow that I bought at Target a long time ago for $2. She's my special toy that looks like a rag but I still love her and can't live without her! When I was brainstorming names for my Etsy shop I first thought about Mooey. Thus, MooeyAndFriends was born! I never thought a $2 stuffed cow would effect my life so much! lol

N is for Nail Polish
I'm a huge nail polish addict and have a complete drawer stocked filled with nail polish! My favorite brands are Essie, Color Club, Zoya and OPI.

O is for Opera
I adore opera! Pretty strange, I know! But it calms me when I'm stressed and their voices are amazing! I would love to see a live opera one day.

P is for Pomeranians
Lucy (my 2 year old Pomeranian) made me fall in love with poms! They are so cute and sweet yet sassy and full of energy!

Q is for Quiet
When I was younger I was really quiet in school. I was known as the "mute girl" or the girl who never talked. This screwed me over in school and is a main reason why I dreaded going to school my whole life, I was quiet when I was younger because I was shy but once I got older I grew out of the shyness. However, I remained the quiet because that's what people known me for and even if I did say something (or talked to my friends) people would say they couldn't hear me or simply ignore me, which was rather annoying.

R is for Red Velvet
The cake flavor not the girl group (though I do enjoy their songs). I hate chocolate but since red velvet isn't completely chocolate I love it! Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet ice cream is my fave!

S is for Starbucks
I have an addiction to coffee so Starbucks is life for me! But Starbucks isn't just another coffee shop to me, it's something more! They offer a variety of drinks and food! I'm even more fascinated at their international drinks. I would like to one day travel around the world and taste different drinks from Starbucks around the world! My favorite drink is a iced soy caramel macchiato.

T is for Tsum Tsums
I actively collect Tsum Tsums and follow many insiders to find out the upcoming collections. I adore the Japan Tsum Tsums the most but since they're more expensive I try to stay away from them. But it can be so hard at times! You can view my collection here but my collection has expanded so much since that post. Let me know if you guys would like to see an updated post.

U is for Up
My favorite Pixar movie!

V is for Violins
One of my favorite instruments. I love the sound of violins playing! It can be an obnoxious noise to some but I adore the sound! I wish I knew how to play it!

W is for Walt Disney World
We visit Disney World regularly but haven't been there since last February! I really want to go back to and visit Magic Kingdom and Epcot, my favorite parks. And go on midnight adventures to Downtown Disney Disney Spring. It's only an 8 hour drive from where I live too!

X is for Xrays
X was the hardest letter for me! When I was younger I broke my right arm and had to get an x-ray. I still remember the x-ray room.

Y is for Yoga
The first time I ever did yoga I was 13 and I remember hating how slow it was but after a few practice I became really flexible. Yoga also relaxes me and energizes me!

Z is for Zipper magazine
My favorite fashion magazine! It's packed filled with different Harajuku styles. I've also discovered many of my favorite Harajuku models in Zipper.

What would your dictionary look like?

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