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Lifestyle Favorites ♥ August 2016

August Lifestyle Favorites
Time for part two of my August favorites. If you haven't seen my beauty favorites you can read that post here. This time it's all about the random lifestyle items that I used and/or favored the most in the month of August.

August Lifestyle Favorites
Hot Pink 10 oz Coffee Press
I bought this 10 oz coffee press a couple months ago from Barnes And Noble. It's the perfect size for a single serving size of coffee. Before I would use just instant coffee but now I find myself using this blend more. It does take longer to heat the water and let the coffee soak in the press. However, it makes me appreciate my coffee time even more.

Starbucks Kopelani Blend
This is the coffee blend I've been using along with my mini coffee press. We had a few other Starbucks blends in our family pantry but after tasting all of them I decided to go out and buy my own bag. At the time this was the newest blend so I decided to buy it and have not regretted my decision! The Kopelani blend has notes of soft caramel and a roasted-sweet finish. I usually drink it over ice with a bit of almond milk and caramel creamer mixed in but it tastes fantastic on its own too!

My New Glasses
At first, I didn't like my glasses but after wearing them on and off for a couple weeks I grew accustomed to them, Now I love them! Every time I wear them I feel like a cute secretary or librarian. The style I choose really suits my face too. I choose a pair of glasses with a clear bottom, this opens my face up more.

Style Savvy Fashion Forward
After waiting months for this game to come out, I finally got to play Style Savvy Fashion Forward! It definitely lived up to my exceptions. You basically run your own clothing shop and dress people up in different styles. I love how they added more beauty themed jobs to this game. Whenever I didn't feel like dressing up customers I could go be a makeup artist, style hair or even decorate a room! I will be reviewing this game later this month.

August Lifestyle Favorites
What are your lifestyle favorites from August?


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