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The Weekend Guide #31

The Weekend Guide
Happy Fri-yay everyone! This week a new Animal Crossing was released called 'Welcome Amiibo'. This update includes lot of new features including the opportunity to move whatever villagers you want and kick out whatever villagers who won't leave your town (finally!). In the update, you also acquire a campground and Harvey, a mellow hippie dog who apparently has some background with Harriet. At the campsite, you can visit special guests in RVs and order items from their rooms. Other updates include meow coupons, sitting on rocks, magic lamps, extra storage, Amiibo camera, selling your town for bells and the ability to move furniture around like in Happy Home.

I've been obsessed with this new update! I love how Nintendo decided to revive New Leaf instead of making us pay for a new game. Now I just need to start collecting Amiibo cards again because I stopped collecting them after the second series came out. Lucy needs to move to my town!!!

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