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Weekly Edit #3

A Weekend Post
#1 My grandmother is going to spend the next couple of days with us. She is staying in our spare room which also happens to be our game room, we keep all of our game consoles in there. Since I need to play Splatoon to relieve stress I will be moving the Wii U into my room until she leaves. This could be dangerous because now I can play Splatoon whenever I want but I'm so excited!

#2 Two songs I've been obsessed with lately are CLC's Hobgoblin and Dreamcatcher's Chase Me. Both of these songs are so catchy! You have been warned!

#3 I'm really satisfied with all of these week's blog posts. This week I posted my Updated Tsum Tsum Collection and My First Impressions on the Mini Happy Planner. Give them some love if you haven't read them already.

#4 Today I received my first Sprinkled Pug order. This made my day because everything is so cute! Even the package the stickers came in was super adorable! I will share what I got in a sticker haul next week.

#5 I finally bought some compressed air! I plan on cleaning my laptop's fan this weekend. I never cleaned it before but I heard when you clean your fan it makes your computer run faster.

#6 It's supposed to storm all this weekend, some could be severe. For those who don't know I hate strong storms because they make me anxious (especially when we have tornado warnings!). So I will be on edge all this weekend.

#7 I started watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. I read the books when I was younger and watched the movie starring Jim Carrey when it came out. This Netflix Original series stars Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf, his is much more darker then the movie's Count but he's also funnier. I've only watched 3 episodes so far but I will continue watching the series this weekend. Are any of you watching the series?


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