Valentine's Day, Crochet & BTS ♥ Weekly Thoughts

Weekly Thoughts
#1 I've been wearing the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream almost everyday. This was my first ever bb cream I ever used when I was in high school and it's been a favorite for a long time! The coverage is perfect that you don't need to wear any concealer because it covers any blemishes and dark circles but doesn't feel heavy.

#2 For Valentine's Day I got some chocolates from my dad and that cute card from my sister. I know a lot of people despise Valentine's Day but honestly I don't mind it. I think of it as a day of love rather then a day for couples.

#3 Thank you for all the compliments on the Polaroid Garland pattern. I can't wait to show you guys my next pattern!

#4 This week I learned a new crochet technique called the Tunisian knit stitch. It's a crochet stitch that creates a knitted effect. I've always preferred knitted things over crochet because I love how knitted stitches look and feel. But I'm horrible at knitting so I picked up crochet and it's been my specialty since.

#5 Have you heard BTS's new album? It's amazing! Whenever a kpop group (that I like) releases a new album I always listen to it at least one time through because sometimes the songs on the album are better then the song they're promoting. I've now listened to BTS new album 4-5 times and I love most of the songs. I'm not even a huge BTS fan but I can appreciate a good album when I hear one.

#6 Remember last week I said I was getting a new phone? Will I did! I actually received my phone moments after I publish last week's weekly thoughts. I picked the regular iPhone 7 in rose gold and so far I've been loving it! My favorite thing about the phone is the amount of space I have and the headphones (Apple's headphones are the best!).

#7 Sorry for my lack of beauty posts lately. I want my blog to have an even amount of beauty and lifestyle posts but for the past couple of months I've been posting more lifestyle posts and less beauty. I still love skincare and makeup but for some reason I haven't been inspired to write anything beauty related. Maybe it's just a phase. What type of posts do you prefer beauty or lifestyle?

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